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“Dedicated to you,
made with love,
too embarassing to admit
to touch your heart,
here is Kokoro Ramen.”


Hakata Tonkotsu Shoyu

Hakata’s Ramen – Circa 1940s

The city of Fukuoka was once known as Hakata, and it is Hakata’s still-famous street food stalls that are responsible for thisdelicious evolution in Ramen taste. In 1941 a stall-holder that had travelled through China and picked up some new tricks combined the Ramen he sold with a purely pork bone based soup. Today’s involves a long and arduous cooking process under steady heat that seeps all the collagen and tasty goodness right out of the bone.  It is often paired with the lightly roasted, garlic infused lard oil “Mayu” and roasted sesame seeds.

The thickness of the broth is too heavy for the curly “Chijiremen” noodle and a thinner noodle suits it better, taking on just the right amount of the broth’s thick flavour while keeping a distinct chewiness and crunch. This style of Ramen is popular today in Japan and premises all over Japan are serving “Hakata style Tonkotsu” – but the really good ones will have a license from Fukuoka.

Flavour Notes

Broth: Tonkotsu Pork (Thick, Creamy, Milk-like)

Flavour: Shoyu (Soy Sauce) 

Noodle: Hosomen – Thin, straight Egg White Noodles

Kokoro Ramen’s Hakata Tonkotsu Shoyu pairs our pride and joy, a Tonkotsu broth cooked for over 10 hours each day. Thick, white and creamy, this broth is tempered with vegetables and cared for tenderly as each day goes past. Matched with the less tangy, soy-rich Shoyu (soy sauce) flavour the result is an almost sweet taste, milder and less salty than the Tonkotsu Shio or Tonkotsu Miso.

We make our noodles focusing on chewiness, absorption and resilience after soaking in broth. The perfect balance should be struck and the key focus of Ramen is delicious, handmade noodles. The thin, egg-white egg noodles are prepared for just the right absorption in the broth. You’ll get a surprising amount of chew over these thin noodles but eat them fast, as they don’t last as long in the broth as the thicker chijiremen.

We serve Hakata Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen standard with: 

Spring Onion, Red Ginger, Black Fungi, Ajitama Egg, roasted sesame seeds and one slice of sweet-marinated Pork Belly.