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“Dedicated to you,
made with love,
too embarassing to admit
to touch your heart,
here is Kokoro Ramen.”


Loyalty Program

Do you love Ramen? Could you eat Ramen every day? Well, this loyalty program may be the right thing for you. Firstly pick up a loyalty card in store and fill out the details. Secondly, dont’ forget to bring it along each time you enjoy a Ramen or Main Size Meal at our restaurant.

How it Works:

  • Fill 5 stamps and get a FREE extra topping for your 5th bowl of Ramen.
  • Fill 10 stamps to get your 11th Ramen FREE!
  • Each card is numbered, so once you fill out “card #1″ staff will hand you a “card #2″ and so on.
  • Fill out enough cards and you could earn:

100 bowls of Ramen = a LIFETIME 30% discount.
200 bowls of Ramen = a LIFETIME 50% discount.
300 bowls of Ramen = a LIFETIME of FREE RAMEN hereafter.

Those who win any of these ranks will also have their name & loyalty plaque immortalised in wood and on display in our store.

The Rules:

  • One stamp per visit
  • One stamp per main consumed by the person named on the card (sorry, no stamps for friends’ meals!)
  •  It’s up to our staff to decide whether a meal earns a stamp, or whether a card has been fairly filled out & how it is reclaimed. Please respect their judgement in regards to any part of this program.
  •  There may be changes to this loyalty program down the line. Please respect that things might change and we reserve the right to change them JUST IN CASE.