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“Dedicated to you,
made with love,
too embarassing to admit
to touch your heart,
here is Kokoro Ramen.”


New Dish Coming Soon

~Vegetarian Dish Coming Soon~

Kokoro Ramen are coming up with new Summer Dish for Vegetarians.
Most are currently pending stage but we assure you that we will put it up on our menu soon.

Challengers of the Month

~ Challengers of the month 13/Oct -> 13/Nov ~

“x3 Ramen Challenge” challengers.
Congratulation to the Winner.
And good job for those who almost made it.
Hope you come back again and claim you victory.

~~~~New Menu~~~~

Kokoro Ramen took on the challenge of combining ramen with another foreign country’s cuisine to invent a new dish. After some trial and error, we are proudly present a new dish inspired by Mexico’s iconic burrito dish.

This dish involves lightly pan-frying vegetables with Kokoro’s original, thick “chijire-men’ noodles, flavouring with a Japanese sweet and spicy sauce, and finally adding mayonnaise, red ginger and ao-nori (seaweed flakes). The dish is presented in Mexican style by lightly wrapping in a tortilla with some crispy lettuce.

Born from the love of two cuisines, we call this dish ‘Koko-Wrap’.

‘Koko-wrap’ will be sold at the “Night Noodle Market” from November 14-31.

You can also add a variety of extras to your wrap to enhance the taste sensation. So grab your friends and head down to the “Night Noodle Market” with Kokoro Ramen.

More info about “Night Noodle Market”:http://melbourne.goodfoodmonth.com/noodlemarkets