157 Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC
Tel: 03 9650 1215
Email: mel@kokororamen.com
No Reservation
We take Cash Only

11.30 am - 3.00 pm
5.00pm - 10.30 pm

11.30 am - 10.30 pm
11.30 am - 9.00 pm
* Last order 30 min before close! *

“Dedicated to you,
made with love,
too embarassing to admit
to touch your heart,
here is Kokoro Ramen.”


Easter Holiday

~~~~~Kokoro Ramen~~~~~
~Easter Holiday Open Time~

Good Friday: 11:30AM –> 9:00PM
Holy Saturday: 11:30AM –> 10:30PM
Easter Day (Sunday): 11:30AM –> 9:00PM
Easter Monday: 11:30AM –> 9:00PM
Easter Tuesday: Back to regular Trading Hours
(Last order 30min before close)

*Easter Day (5th April Sunday) is end of Daylight saving.

Kokoro Ramen wishes you all to enjoy your lovely Easter Holiday

****** New Trading Hour *******

From 1st of April Kokoro Ramen will be changing our trading hours. No this is not an April Fool joke.

From start of April:

Monday to Friday
11:30AM -> 3:00PM ///// 5:00PM -> 10:30PM
(Last order 30min before closing)

11:30AM -> 10:30PM
(Last order 30min before closing)

Sunday/ Public Holiday
11:30AM -> 9:00PM
(Last order 30min before closing)

Kokoro Ramen apology for any inconvenience .


Hi, Kokoro Fans

Kokoro Ramen proudly present our New Side Dishes!!!! Yaaaay

We added new Crunchy Deep Fried Dishes and more varieties of Soft Tofu and Vegetarian Dishes.
Also we are coming up for more new dishes in the future.

Hope you all enjoy these delicious dishes. :D